While the summer is approaching dreams are on air… Where shall we go this summer? Cruise travels have recently been so popular in our country.  Since summer brings to mind the sea, sand and sun triplets, Mediterranean and Aegean ports are among the most popular destinations in our country.


While Spanish coasts attract the most attention in the Mediterranean, Greek Islands are still popular in Aegean. We must not forget the Dalmatian Coasts either. For cooler weather conditions, Northern Europe destinations, Baltic countries and Scandinavian countries are among the most preferred ones. Iceland, Japan, Northern America and Canada have also been popular.


In the Mediterranean itinerary, Balear Islands of Spain comes to the forefront with both night life and beaches. Likewise, cities such as Valencia and Barcelona are also attracting attention. Again, ports such as Dubrovnik and Kotor which have lately been the popular cruise destinations are among the favorite destinations of summer.



Baltic Region is among the places preferred by those who prefer to travel in a relatively cool weather. You can visit the important cities of different countries such as Tallinn, the epic city of Estonia and St. Petersburg, the Russian city of channels which is famous for palaces and museums on the forefront; Copenhagen and Stockholm, the royal capitals of Scandinavia; the Finnish capital Helsinki and Hamburg, the most important city of Germany.


One of the most popular destinations of summer months is for sure Norway due to its geographical position and conditions of the season between May and September.   From fjords which have a splendid view and are enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage List such as Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord to Flam which is famous for its Flam Train following an epic route… It is possible to set food to the most interesting destinations such as Longyearbyen in Svalbard Island where it is forbidden to die since the 1950s and Honningsvag from which you can reach Nordkapp the northernmost point of Continental Europe.


Iceland which is becoming highly popular in our country is on its way to become the apple of the eye of cruise companies. The island which has total 18 cruise ports as the capital Rekjavik which is at a 45-minute distance to world-famous geothermal spa Blue Lagoon in the forefront, takes attention with its different culture, volcanic structure and natural beauties and gives the lucky visitors the chance to observe sharks. Apart from Iceland, Britain, Ireland and Greenland are among the favorite destinations.



Japan is the favorite destination for those who want to know different geographies and cultures in cruise travels.  It is possible to visit cities such as Tokyo which is the popular destination of cruise liners in summer, portal town Osaka from which you can reach Kyoto, and Kobe where you can taste delicious beefs or  Fukuoka, Kagoshima, and Nagasaki. Travels in Japan are also accompanied by cities in the region such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore.