Having a large audience of music lovers thanks to his strong voice, a large repertoire and inspiring stage performances, Barbaros reinterpreted Barış Manço’s unforgettable song “Evelallah”.

Offering examples of the best songs of the world music on stages in different genres and languages ​​ranging from classical to jazz, musicals to pop music, Barbaros proved his success in classical style with his performances and also performed in musicals throughout his career.

We have interviewed with Barbaros about his career and his new project where he reinterpreted Barış Manço’s famous song “Evelallah”.

How many languages ​​do you speak? What are the advantages of speaking a language?

I speak French, English, Italian and Greek. First of all, it is necessary to focus on and work to be a good singer and sing correctly. Since I had a classical education, We sang classical songs in different languages ​​during my education as well. This is the most important advantage of speaking many languages, which I also felt during the broadcasts I made with worldwide singers on Instagram.

There are several valuable songs presented to the music world by Barış Manço. Why did you choose Evelallah?

The first concert I went to was the Barış Manço concert. I still keep on my social media the photo we took at that concert years ago. Barış Manço is one of my inspirations to start my musical career. Years later, I went to sing for the “Best Of” album with that photo in my hand. Every song of Barış Manço is very precious to me. “Evelallah” is a song I really love to sing, and that is why, I chose to sing this song.

What do you feel when you look at that photo now?

Once again life shows me that it is full of happy coincidences.

Have you had the chance to work with him in your career?

Yes! I had the chance to sing as the back vocal for the “Mançoloji” album. I even showed him the photo that we took together when I was a kid. Years later, I happened to meet with Barış Manço, this time for his song “Evelallah”.

You can be identified as the voice of different genres from Opera to Pop. How would you identify yourself musically?

Technically I have a Baritone voice. I studied classical music at the conservatory. This training enabled me to use my voice correctly and to have the classical repertoire. I took roles in musicals such as “Tahir ile Zühre”, “Seni Seviyorum Mükemmelsin Şimdi Değiş”. Singing musicals or songs in different genres opens up your horizons as a singer. Jazz and pop music are the genres that have been in my life both as a listener and a singer since the beginning of my journey.

There is also a surprise in the music video of the song. What was your focus when creating a video clip for the song? What kind of music video are we going to watch?

The video was shot by the director Murad Küçük at Beykoz Kundura Fabrikası. For the clip, we wrote a story based on the photo I took with Barış Manço in my childhood. Batuhan Davutoğlu, who also acted Naim Süleymanoğlu’s childhood in the movie “Pocket Hercules Naim Süleymanoğlu” acts my childhood.

How is your relationship with sea? Do you like to cruise?

I love sea. It is a place that I can go and leave my troubles behind. I’ve never been on a cruise, yet of course, it is among the things on my to-do list.

Say you can live in another country, which one would be your choice?

I’d love to live in Italy. I love living in the Mediterranean culture. It makes me feel like I am home even if I am far and far away.

Are there any new projects for 2021? 

I am preparing for a symphonic project including the songs of Dario Moreno, one of the greatest names of our country who made a great international career. I will feat with a foreign singer and I will release a new song this time right after Evelallah.