I will share with you the most special photographs I have shot in Jordan which hosts seven wonders of the world and is entitled to be the most popular Arab countries of Middle East.


Wadi Rum Desert

Many famous movies have been filmed in the desert which spreads over an area of about 740 m2 and formed of crimson rocks, Marsian being in the first place. With tours either on 4×4 vehicles or on camels, it is enchanting to wander around this unique desert. It is still possible to find cave drawings which have not been studied in Wadi Rum which is a beauty day and night. Accommodating in the Bedouin camps, watch the sky in the middle of the desert and try local tastes will make you experience emotions you cannot even imagine.

Temple of Hercules

Historical remnants of Amman, one of the oldest settlements of the world is countless. Temple of Hercules remaining from the Roman, Byzantium and Umayyad Period has been the most important Roman architecture.


This antique city located in the capital of Jordan, Amman is one of the most well-preserved regions of Roman and Byzantium remnants in the world. Having been established as a Hellenistic city in the 2 century BC, Jerash mesmerizes its visitors with its giant temples, columned roads, theatres and hippodromes.


Described as “the rose-red city which is as old as history” by John William Burgon, Petra antique city was established by Nebataeans between 400 BC and 106 AC and has entered among the seven wonders of the world in 2007. I recommend you not to miss the Petra by night event two days a week in this epic city which was established inside the canyons. Watching the flute performance, accompanied by approximately 1200 candles, passing along the dark canyons from the deep and narrow cracks will take you to utterly different realms.