Coffee was brought to İstanbul when Governor of Yemen Özdemir Pasha liked the taste of coffee in 1543. The coffee was prepared with a technique unique to Turks by using billycan and coffeepot. Turkish Coffee emerged with this new technique. During that era merchants and travelers visiting İstanbul were served Turkish Coffee. And since back then, the fame of Turkish Coffee spread across the world.

The Places Where You Can Have the Best Turkish Coffee in İstanbul:

TARİHİ KAHVE : In this venue which is located at the top of Pierre Loti hill, you can sip your coffee by watching the sea from above.

ŞARK KAHVESİ : You can drink foamy Turkish Coffee cooked on sand in Grand Bazaar which is one of the favorite symbols of İstanbul.

SADE KAHVE :This place is a stomping ground where you can sip your coffee against the Bosporus in Rumelia Fortress.

LATİFE: You can have a coffee in this place where tourists visiting İstanbul take a coffee break after seeing the Galata Tower.