Imagine yourself at sea… Think that you are traveling to the exotic countries of the Far East, maybe to the dance of northern lights maybe to the mystic atmosphere of India, to the colorful life of Latin America from the Caribbean as your loved one on your side. And while experiencing the beauties of this explorations, you find yourself traveling to the unprecedented countries of the world at sea. Within an infinite blue, in a room where you are blending with sea, remember collecting the most special memories of exploring and loving… How about gathering together all those special moments on a single travel, feeling valuable, being neck and neck with your loved one and embark on an unforgettable journey with services special to you? Well then, instead of what you will buy on this Valentine’s day, begin packing up to go on an unforgettable holiday on cruise tours where you will experience the beauty of being together.

Being on a Romantic Picture
Cruise tours form a nice option for those who think of a different present for February 14, Valentine’s Day, who wants to have a different experience or who plan to have unforgettable romantic memories. Cruise tours you will join with your loved one will be the frame of your life as a romantic picture regardless of the destination. How many more experiences canA be haACd as impressive as watching the sunset on the deck of a ship? Or can one estimate a price for feeling the salt of the sea and the breeze touching your face while listening to the music you love with your lover? Furthermore, there is nothing like getting lost on the streets of the most beautiful cities of the world you want to explore and blend with different cultures. If you say you have an infinite romantic in you and a wish to explore accompanying that romantic, then give both to yourself
and your lover a cruise travel this Valentine’s Day.

Balcony Cabins, Jazz and Unforgettable Shows
option especially for couples. In the cruise tours which offer alternatives for every couple who want to have special moments together, you will have different experiences. Breakfast in the room for balcony cabins or a special night with Jazz concerts… All day long entertainment with unforgettable shows and world cuisine prepared by starred-studded chefs… An unforgettable journey in luxury ships resembling a holiday village with spa and massage services. You can check special tours of Cruise Planet, in order to have an unforgettable holiday with packages special for this day and to have a warm holiday with your loved one in winter months. With the House of Cruising concept which is the first house of cruising in Turkey, you can explore that romantic journey you have been dreaming of with inspiring experiences and buy the best present on Valentine’s Day with options and privileges special for you.

Custom Design Ships
There are 13 5-star cruise liners, 8 6-star exploration ship and several river ships serving in all of the world seas under Cruise Planet which is the First and Only Cruise Search Engine of Turkey. In ships which are specially designed with modern decoration as a style icon, you will feel the romantic atmosphere of being at sea while exploring several marvelous destinations. You will get your fill of fun with restaurants, night clubs, bars and discos as well as fitness halls and pools inside the ship and will lose track of time.
If you do not have any plans for the Valentine’s Day, it is time to but a romantic present…

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