2020 Rock women is the icon woman profile representing the self-expression of provocative, strong, rebellious youth against order. My source of inspiration has been rock and folk music tissues. The name of our collection in which we blended our activities with music tissues is legends rock, namely “rock star girl” the name given to the new model I created under the name of legend.

In order to reach reality from dream, rock woman, as a profile leaving their traces to life, appraoching to everything energetic with passion, with the legendary guitar between their magical fingers are special women who can be creative and the leaders of innovation in order to maintain change in themselves.

The performance of rock star girl on oval and square faces is very high. For example, it is a model which reveals her enthusiasm letting her experience the action when we leave the hair natural, front is long, neck is short, layered and controlled. Women will realize the light inside the energy blocks even when they want to comb their hair themselves and see they are activated.

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