World-renowned festivals attract our attention even more than before. This being the case, knowing the festivals blending different cultures better, even more experincing them is an unprecedented opportunity. Carribbean festivals in this sense have a unique place. Colorful costumes, dancers, feathered masks and more… Add this mesmerizing atmosphere the beauty of friendly and hospitable residents of the region. You will understand why all the eyes are on these festivals.

Pirates Week, Cayman Island

The impact of the Pirates of the Caribbean on us is undiscussable. Think that you get off your cruise ship, people in colorful costumes with an eye patch on their one eye are dancing in joy. The festival promises an unforgettable fun for the whole family with dancers, music, games and fireworks. This is why you should not miss the Pirates Week but try not to get on the pirates’ radar.

Sailing Week, Antigua
Sailing Week which has been one of the biggest events of Antigua since 1967 welcomes sailors from across the world gathering together amateur sailing enthusi768asts and professional sailors. The racing which takes place off the coast of the island attracts audience who comes to watch the race from all over the world.

Crop Over Festival, Barbados

A 200-year-old tradition which celebrates the end of sugar cane harvest has transformed into a festival of 6 six weeks after many years. In the festival which is encolored by a great parade, the King and Queen of the Crop are crowned towards the culmination of the parade. You can dance as much as you wish and take photos as much as you want in the festival which is accompanied by dancers in colorful costumes adorned with feathers.

Junkanoo Festival, Bahamas

One of the iconic events of Bahamas, Junkanoo Festival dates back to the 17th century. So similar to Mardi Gras in a Bahamas style, the festival paints the streets every year with the colors of the rainbow. Colorful street parades, people dancing in costumes are just the beginning.