In this tour, I have paved the road to monitor, smell and photograph the enchanting wild nature giving life to our country and to the world as well as the mountain houses surrounded by nature in Rize and Artvin which has a rich plant and animal population, home to almost all the endemic plant species in Turkey. You find yourself in a wild life from maximum 3920 m high mountains in the Eastern Black Sea Region which has a precipitation almost all months of the year to strong waterfalls; from grizzly bears which wake up from their winter sleep in Sarıkamış and enter Artvin to sparrow hawks which are the symbols of Rize. Let’s begin to explore the Eastern Black Sea.


Yukarı Kavrun Yaylası is one of the first routes that comes to mind when you speak of glacial crater late on the skirts of Kaçkar Mountains in Rize. Following a steep nature walk of 6 km which has a medium difficulty level at Yukarı Kavrun, the highest summit of Kaçkar with an altitude of 3920m, 4 lakes with different sizes will face you. After a top view to the Kaçkars following a tiring walk, do not return without soaking in the icy waters of the glacial lakes.


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This unprecedented view at the altitude of 2400 is the highland which has the widest and deepest valley of Rize. In this highland which has only one road, the roads are closed for 7-8 months of the year due to snow and avalanche. If you are lucky enough for a clear weather, a delightfully amusing adventure will be awaiting you.


A tiny and very special waterfall in the shape of a ring which is located in Murgul district of Artvin and formed of erosions with the water running through rocks.


Huser; another mesmerizing highland at the skirts of Kaçkar Mountain of Rize. This highland has a landscape similar to the Norway fjords. The main reason for its popularity is the marvelous visual show it presents at the sunset. Here is Huser with the mountain house embracing solidarity and its landscape…


Şavşat Karagöl National Park in Artvin which has the richest plant and animal population in Turkey is surrounded by Karçal Mountains separating it from Borçka Karagöl. Do not forget to enjoy the forest adorn with spruce trees in Artvin Şavşat, having a smoother surface when compared to Rize’s highland and enjoy the lake on boat.


A view of sky, mute and separated from everything at the skirts of Kaçkar. We were lucky and the sky was clear. It was a marvelous experience to watch the milky way and falling stars.


Pokut highland which is one of the most popular landscape highlands of Rize, is a cute highland at an altitude of 2200 m, with a shape of body’s back, formed of houses lined as a rope, surrounded by Kaçkar Mountains, hidden among the forest. You can reach to this dreamlike place with tours departing from Ayder once or twice a day.


Another marvel of nature, created by the fog suddenly descending at Verçenik, which is my favorite highland in Rize.  Weather conditions can suddenly change in the Eastern Black Sea and take you by surprise.

That’s why you should go through the card.

The difficulty level of this mountain to which you climb accompanied by the mountain flowers is quite high. It ranks in the second place with its altitude of 3740 meter. It is a little far from the popular highland region and has not earned popularity since it is quite a hard track. Fortunately, it is. J