We want to take you to the past years. Although You Are Very Young, Are You Signing Up For Successful Jobs As Second Generation Business People In Your Family? What kind of a childhood period did you have?

I was born in Istanbul Bayrampasa. I spent my childhood in Bayrampaşa until I was 6 years old. I have been living in Büyükçekmece since I knew myself, I and my sister had a free childhood playing with my friends on the streets. The free actor childhood that I lived in these periods had a great impact on my being the person I am now.

How was your relationship with your family in your childhood?

Yavuzhan Metalize was founded when I was 3 years old, my father has been going to work continuously since then. When he got back from work in the evening, we loved to spend time in the garden and play with the street animals we feed. We used to spend time outside with my sister all day. When my mother called home in the evening, we would have a meal and spend time at the TV and wait for my father. In short, I did not have a childhood different from the classical Turkish family structure. Thankfully I grew up in times and venues that we can play on the streets.

Can you talk about your education life?

I graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, Business Administration in English. My main job training comes from going to work with my dad. I can say that I was born into trade.

What Does Being an Entrepreneur Mean To You? What equipment must be in a person to be an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur means always innovating, always looking for the better, and never giving up on what you want. To be an entrepreneur, leaving the fears aside is the first condition. Another requirement is to set a clear goal for yourself and try to achieve it in a planned way.

Can you tell the structure and story of Yavuzhan Metal, your family company?

Yavuzhan Metal was established in 1999. It started its activities with a coating machine. Later, it started manufacturing plastic toiletries. It continues to grow with an innovative vision.

Can You Tell Your Company’s Fields of Activity?

We metallize glass and plastic materials, we manufacture plastic bathroom materials, and finally we launch the pedal and elbow supported disinfectant apparatus, which we have completed and started production.

Your New Domestic and National Initiative is Hijyen Matic. Can You Tell Us About This System You Developed?

The product works with a primitive mechanism. However, this simple mechanism system has produced an alternative that solves the problem of product supply in Covid19 period in many areas. The product consists of a simple spring mechanism. Along with the pressure applied to the foot base and the pedal, the spring mechanism works, creating the force you apply to the disinfectant pump by hand. When you lift your foot from the pedal, the spring under the pedal returns to its original state and completes its function.

Can You Provide Information About Usage Areas of Hygienmatic?

It can be used in any area where people need to disinfect themselves when entering mass spaces. With the law prohibiting disinfectant apparatuses made by hand contact, the use of elbow supported and pedal hygienmatic has become mandatory.

Can hygienmatic be used by pregnant women, children and elderly people?

It will be the best option for children to use it under supervision. There is no restriction on the use of adults, as it is designed in accordance with adult human dimensions.

Can you tell us about the use of domestic and national hygienmatic?

The product is very simple to use. After opening the can, the disinfectant liquid must be filled in the disinfectant canister. After placing it in the desired place, each person can take enough disinfectant fluid to his hand by pressing the pedal.

Can you talk about your export abroad?

We meet the demand and supply instensely in many European and African countries, especially Germany,.

How can those who want to use the product have this product?

They can obtain the product from our website or our regional dealers.

How Do You Evaluate General Economic Progress as a Business Person?

Many developed countries’ economies were affected by the current conditions. However, I think that the consumption and production plans of the people will change in the post-pandemic period, the countries will turn towards internal production more and the domestic consumption will increase. And I foresee that the production-supported economy programs implemented by our country will become more important in the post-pandemic period and we will get out of this process more strongly. This is an economic, global opportunity for developing countries like us.