Haute couture buns finely fit to face shapes blending with the sky’s energy. Voyagers of time can form the modern style of elegance with the new trend hair style and perfect attraction of the season. Women of modern day turn their design into arts sharing their imagination with the hairdressers who create inspiring trends in their hair. The bun model we have studied this month will enchant in sparkling nights. Now you can see the harmony of colors varying from dark shades to beige shades in order to give cool touch of the most stylish and new generation hair colors of the blonds. This trend will fit well to fair women with colored eyes.


Skin tone is balanced with a concealer after a basis is formed with a light pan stick without losing the natural view specific to the individual. Next, the shading on the upper eyelids are reinforced with eyeliner.

Explore the beauty of make-up which do not make any concessions from the shiny eyes, in harmony with the color of eye, skin and the dress in details!