Journey Inspires Me To Continue Mus

Included in over 100 album recordings so far… Canizares, who has been working with Flamenco’s legendary name Paco De Lucia for more than 10 years and musical collaborated with important names such as Enrique Morente, Alejandro Sanz, Peter Gabriel, John Paul Jones, and Mauricio Sotelo.Now he is getting ready to meet with his listeners in Istanbul.

Spanish Academy Award Winner Cañizares, who received great praise for his compositions in the projects of the Spanish National Ballet, also composed music for Carlos Saura films.

Cañizares won the “Best Flamenco Album of the Year” award at the Spanish MIN Awards in 2019 with his album El Mito de la Caverna.
In addition to his composer and performer identity, Cañizares also teaches Flamenco guitar lessons and masterclasses in Spain and many different countries of the world.

What are your very first memories about music? Did you grow up in a family interested in Music?
Flamenco was always present when I was growing up; it is there in my earliest memories: my parents sang, my brother played the guitar… it was something natural, almost instinctive, like breathing; a feeling that was always there in the family and our environment.

Which feelings voyage thought awakes in you?

Traveling always arouses my curiosity. Meeting new people, new culture, new music, is always an experience that inspires me to continue creating my music.

Do you remember your first public appearance, your first gig? What is the best part of being on stage?
I do not remember exactly the first concert in public. When I was 10 years old, I already played in public accompanying the flamenco singer. Playing on stage takes is a responsibility but at the same time it gives me an adrenaline, things that would not come out at home.

Which country would you like to cruise the most?

I have traveled a lot in the world, but I have never been to Oceania. I would love to know that area.

Do you have any impressions about Turkey and any messages for Turkish audience?
This will be the fourth time I give concert in Turkey. I always have very good memories when I perform in Turkey, since it shows that the Turkish people have big respects for flamenco. I would also very much like to perform my concerts for guitar and orchestra for the Turkish public one day.

Which country feels close to you the most and why?

In Japan, there is a lot of love for flamenco, I affectionately call it “Eastern Andalusia.” Culturally it is a very different country than Spain, but I see that in the end, we have something in common. It is very curious, staying in Japan I feel at home.

What do you like to listen to in your daily life?

I listen to a lot of music. Of course, flamenco music, also of orchestra, classical music performed by different instruments, also jazz music.

Could you please share the most interesting memory, experience about your travels to foreign countries?
The trip to Kyoto, a historic city in Japan was very interesting for me. Kyoto is a very old city, which has thousands of years of history, and has hundreds of temples and buildings of ancient and precious woods throughout the city. The curiosity caused me, when I arrived at the Kyoto railway station, it is a huge and modern building, which has nothing similar with that “history” of the city, but it fits perfectly into the landscape of that ancient city. It is a city coexists in an original way, the oldest and the most modern cultures.

In which country’s festivals have you been in?

Lots of festivals … I can’t name everything …

What are your inspirations regarding music and life? How did you find your own voice in your genre?

In this way, when I am writing flamenco music, I always experience a sort of internal struggle to balance these two languages, these two worlds. Musical theory, as intense sunlight, sheds its bright light upon the musical universe, but I feel that I should filter it bringing in parts of this world of shadow, in case the tenuous light of the cave is distorted and its characteristic context disfigured.

This constant quest for balance between the classical light and the chiaroscuro of flamenco is an act of respect, a heartfelt tribute to my roots, to the tradition I come from. I am firmly committed to fusing inspiration and knowledge in an attempt to make this wonderful music that is flamenco even richer, while making sure that its essence is left intact, and that it remains recognisable to other flamenco musicians as much as it is to me.