The culture in the Southeastern Asia is very distinct and colorful. Already based on a multi-cultural background, the culture assumes several inspiring events to celebrate their faith, culture, tradition and daily routines. From gruesome piercings to street performances, the festivals in this part of the world are like nothing you have ever seen in any place. That’s why we have collected some of the favorite festivals for Cruise&Travel Magazine’s esteemed readers…


Buddha’s Bathing Festival-Taiwan


One of the most important and biggest celebrations for Buddhists in Vietnam, Buddha’s Bathing Festival is held each year to celebrate the birth of Buddha. The celebrations resemble Christmas in that charity activities are important during this time of the year. If your vacation is planned during these celebrations, you are lucky not only to witness the colorful celebrations but also to dig deep into the Vietnamese culture.


Bidar Races- South Sumatra-Palembang

The world-renowned Bidar Races are held every year between June and August as a part of the Indonesian Independence Day celebrations. A number of boats decorated with different colors attend the competitions racing through Sungai Musi to the celebrate the Indonesian Independence Day, creating a colorful parade for the audience.


Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Phuket Vegetarian Festival can be colorful and spectacular. Still, the name can be misleading for many who have not witness it yet. Ceremonies are held to invoke the gods, while the acts can be more than daring including walking on burning coal, piercing body, slashing the tongue etc. to demonstrate their devotion to gods.


Chinese New Year, İmlek-Indonesia

İmlek is the celebration of new year which is similar to celebrations held to celebrate the Spring. During İmlek, families gather together on family dinner and in the temples. People are seen to wear new clothes, especially the red ones, which is thought to keep bad spirits away.


Dragon Boat Festival-Taiwan

The traditional event originating from China is not only an official holiday but also a fun-filled sportive activity including the tasting the most delicious meals of Taiwan. Each year teams from all around the world come to Taiwan to compete with the locals accompanied by a drummer beating the rhythm.


Colors of Malaysia Festival

Celebrated each year on May, the festival witness one of the most colorful celebrations of the world accompanied by music, dance and colorful parades. Demonstrating a blend of cultures, the festival is important in that it reveals the prosperity of cultural heritage in the region. The festival in which the King and Queen of Malaysia attend allow the visitors to witness the culture presented by dancers in colorful costumes, fireworks, and the cultural motives.