Talk to a traveler and ask him about his passion. He would definitely say, it is harmonizing with other cultures, getting to know different countries and people. And the best way to do it by joining all the awesome and colorful festivals, enjoying the music and the dances, feasting on local food. That’s why, for some carnival season is never ending. Check on the agenda and see where will be the next flight. All you need to do is to decide on the costume. Well, wear your most funny mask and adorn it with some costumes, be it traditional or modern; and yes, you are ready to enjoy with us.


Venice Carnival, Venice

Celebrated each year to welcome the spring, Venice Carnival is famous for its masks made of leather, porcelain and glass. Coming from a pagan tradition, the carnival allowed people to live in disguise and reserved a special position for the mask makers. Although forbidden from time to time, the carnival returned with a stronger glory to amuse both the locals and the tourists alike. Ongoing for forty days, the most important days of the carnival are between the last Thursday and the very last day.


San Isidro Festival, Madrid

Celebrated each year on May for about 9 days, San Isidro Festival is one of the most important and symbolic festival of Madrid. Although it had a religious character in the past, San Isidro lost its fundamental sense to represent Madrid culture as a whole. Characterized by concerts, parades, plays and fairs accompanied by arts exhibitions, the festival gathers a crowd of locals and tourists who are there to celebrate the city’s traditions.

Las Fallas – Valencia

A crazy celebration from the craziest city of Spain. Celebrated between March 15 and 19 each year, Las Fallas can be one of the noisiest and the most colorful celebrations of the region. Giant puppets, bonfires, costumes, lots of food and fireworks accompanied by minimum sleep… The stories about its root is numerous and yet still, many like to celebrate the day by burning their puppets just for fun.


Fox Hill Day, Bahamas

Oldest festival of Bahamas, Fox Hill Day held every year on August to celebrate the freeing of enslaved Africans in Bahamas. During the celebrations Bahamian food is served, people sing and dance. And most of the cases church services are also added to the spirit.