One thing you must know about British culture is they definitely know how to have fun and most probably they live it to the extremes most of the time. And yet, even from royal weddings to golf tournaments, everything has a ritual and some festivals are just so British that you don’t want to miss it. From Reading Festival to V Festival or Bestival, the festivals in this country are abundant. We have searched for all of them and chosen the best ones for you.

Notting Hill Carnival

Do you remember the movie by Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, “Nothing Hill”. The Carnival gathers the greatest crowd of the year on street with the same name, and extends to the neighborhood. One of the biggest festivals of the world, Nothing Hill Carnival gathers together people in colorful costumes from all over the world, to celebrate Caribbean, African heritage with music and dance shows.

Thames Festival

The traditional Thames Festival honors the waterfront of Thames to celebrate the harmony of cultures living together with open air arts, illuminations, street theatre, river events, dance and music. All along the river, people gather just to have fun and to transform roads and bridges with culture. The spectators of the festival are also the active participants with the motto “accessible to all, enjoyable by all”.

Glastonbury Festival

One of the biggest rock festival which also attracts attention this year with their environmentalist approach so that you are not to see plastic drink bottles, Glastonbury Festival is celebrated since 1970s. In this four-day festival, participants come with their backpack and camp in the area not to miss a single attraction. It is a social gathering full of fun, theater&circus performances, talent competitions, and incessant music.


One of UK’s most famous and award-winning music festival is named as the most colorful show on earth. Although it is called a boutique festival due to its free spirit with non-corporate feel, it is highly popular for its hugely diverse lineups and creativity including comedy, theatre, circus and arts. This four-day festival is known for its fancy dress-themed days and also supports a social or environmental cause to raise awareness each year.