When it comes to limitless entertainment, joy to the extremes, freedom and expression of self based on multi-cultural and polyphonic harmony, Amsterdam calls attention as the city which never sleeps. Already the favorite destination for those who love to experience new things freely, Amsterdam is a paradise adorned with festivals ongoing all year through. With a wide range of options varying from cultural and historical to music and social-based festivals, Amsterdam can make you feel dizzy. No matter which one you prefer or have the chance to attend, we are sure you will enjoy it to the fullest. Well then, what about checking some of the festivals we have selected for you.



As the new year approaching, Amsterdam streets wear their most colorful and glittering make up just to host their Santa, Sinterklaas. This festival is organized each year to celebrate the coming of Sinterklaas from Spain to celebrate his birthday.  The Santa of Netherlands, Sinterklaas, strolls around the streets of Amsterdam, floats on the channel, rides his horse and greets people with his bag full of presents from November 19 till December 5.

National Tulip Day

You remember the long-lasting discussion whether tulips came from the Netherlands to Istanbul or vice versa. The answer is yet to be discovered. Still, each year as the nature is awakening, Amsterdam’s famous tulip festival hits the town to celebrate the national flower of the Netherlands. During the festival 500.000 tulips adorn the city to give a blaze of colors in the city’s public gardens, museums and open spaces, including Dam Square.

Amsterdam Light Festival

Though young as a tradition, Amsterdam Light Festival has already conquered the hearts of many and enlisted among the favorite festivals. This winter festival is celebrated each year to illuminate the city’s streets and the channel with 30 bewitching light installations created by international designers, architects and artists. The artistic works can be seen in from a boat, on foot or by bike by following the routes of either by Illuminate-Walking Tour or Water-Colors Boat Tour.

Amsterdam Roots Festival

Summer is coming and the young people are looking for more fun! Famous both in Amsterdam and internationally, this music festival is one of a kind for the music-lovers to connect for celebrating the music and the different roots at the same time. Traditionally a celebration of African roots, the festival has taken a new turn to give people each June, a day full of music from around the world and attracting outfits from Latin America and Africa to Asia.