One of the most prominent names of Portuguese music, Camané, will meet with his fans in Istanbul in Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall on March, 17th.

Giving concerts in Europe, America and Asia Camané released his latest recording “Camané Canta Marcenerio” in 2017.
We interviewed with Camané, regarded as the best Fado singer since the Queen of Fado Amália Rodrigues, on music and travels before his Istanbul concert.

How was your childhood environment? What are your very first memories about music?

Camané: I had a normal childhood, grew in family and always listened to music at home since baby with my brothers and parents.

How was that very first crush with Fado?

Camané: I think it started at an early age when I was sick at home a long time and started to listen to the Fado records in repeat that my parents had at home.

©Arlindo Camacho

Whom are your Fado idols, music greats? Whom are your favorite contemporary Fado singers?

Camané: My biggest references are Amália Rodrigues, Alfredo Marceneiro and Carlos do Carmo. Fortunately nowadays there are a lot of new singers whom I really like to listen to.

Let’s talk about a little bit about your latest recording Camané Canta Marcenerio. How do you define and explain the style and sound of the album?
Camané: I tried to search for the lyrics and music that Marceneiro used to sing at that time but singing them in my own style.

You’re touring to various countries and giving concerts. Which country and music mesmerize you the most?
Camané: It’s true that I already traveled to several countries around the world but I can’t highlight none because each country and concert are always an unique experience.

What are your interests other than music?

Camané: I like to travel a lot, other than enjoying going to the cinema and theatre.

How many cruise experience have you had until this time?

Camané: Two.

©Arlindo Camacho

Which destinations fascinated you the most and why?

Camané: Croacia, by boat was the most beautiful place I may say.

What is the best part of being on a crowded floating city?

Camané: The conviviality between people.

Which destination do you suggest for the people who will have their first cruise experience?
Camané: They may go to Azores in Portugal.

Do you have any clues for the people who will have their first cruise experience?
Camané: To take sea sick pills.

Last but not least, do you have any impressions about Turkey and any messages for Turkish audience?
Camané: Yes, I already was in Istanbul and Ankara and all my experiences there where great. I always like to be back. I also have good memories of the audience so the message that I have is for them to show up!