The irreplaceable taste of hot days Eiskaffee, has spread all over the world from Germany. This drink which can be easily consumed after the dinner is included in the menu of almost each cafe. The magic of Eiskaffe which is also easy to make is hidden in the vanilla ice-cream, cream and cold coffee it contains. What is important when making the coffee is to whip the cream. We hear that the best Eiskaffee is the one made home. If you want to make Eiskaffee at home, you can do it easily by following the below recipe.


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-1 scoop of vanilla ice-cream
-1/2 cup of filter coffee
-half cup of cream
-1 tea spoon powder or grated chocolate
(if you wish)
-wafer flakes for decoration


– Put your cold filter coffee into a glass. And then add 1 scoop of vanilla ice-cream into the coffee.
– And then top with whipped ice-cream with a piping bag to form a shape.
– On top of the cream sprinkle powder or grated chocolate and then sprinkle wafer flakes.

Recipe Note: the cream must be made anew, cream which has been made beforehand can disperse on the coffee.

Presentation recommendation: Prepare this coffee on a big glass cup or a jar at home and decorate it with pipets. Do not forget to put a spoon for the cream

Enjoy your coffee !