Having an Arab mother and Turkish father, Ragıb Narin was born in Antakya. In 2013, he got renowned for his amateurvideos where he sang his compositions with his guitar on Facebook. Thanks to the songs he composed and wrote the lyrics for, he started to get thousands of likes in a short time reaching a wider audience outside his city Hatay. Among nearly 100 songs h
composed at the age 24, Ragıb Narin was able to make his voic heard to a wider audience with his song “Sevda Çiçeği’’ released in July 2019. “Sevda Çiçeği” met its audience through music channels and radios while its music video reached over 2 million views in a short notice.
Besides his education on business administration, Ragıb Narin work in the field of trade in his family’s company and he kept singing and writing songs with his guitar during his business trips to 35 countries within 2 years. ‘’I write most of my songs while traveling’’ said Narin, while he also started singing songs in arabic since he grew familiar with arabic music culture thanks to his trips to his mother’s hometown Damascus and summer trips to Kuwait. After ‘’Sevda Çiçeği’’, Ragıp Narin’s other songs “Gecekondu”, “Mavi” and “Gel Diyemem” were streamed hundreds of thousand times on Spotify and digital platforms, and his single ‘’Gecekondu’’ remained for a whole month in “Turkey Viral 50” on Spotify. Ragıb Narin released new single “Menekşem” in November 2020.

Can we get to know you a little bit?  How was your childhood environment?

I was born on March 19, 1996 in Antakya, Hatay. My father is Turkish and my mother is Arab. I completed my education in Hatay. Having been interested in music, I took part in school’s choir and theater plays, also music competitions. Because my mother’s hometown is Damascus and I visited Kuwait often in summer, I grew familiar with arabic music as well. Due to my aptitude for sports since my childhood, I attended many sports competitions throughout my school years and my interest in football outweighed all others.

You played football professionally from an early age. How did you transition from football to music?

I played for football teams such as ”Hatayspor” and then a2 team of ”Mersin Idman Yurdu” for years. In the meantime, I played against many prominent teams of the Turkish Super League such as ”Fenerbahçe” and ”Galatasaray”. Thanks to my successful performance as a player in Mersin Idman Yurdu, I was offered to play as a professional player in my city’s football team ”Hatayspor” so I continued with my career as a professional. Having played for half season in Hatayspor, I decided to quit my career in football to become an executive in my family’s company for international trade. I kept making music while playing football. I composed and wrote lyrics. In 2013, I released my first song. I recorded it in a studio and made a music video for it. At the time, I became popular in Antakya via Facebook and my first work reached over 30.000 views on Youtube in 2013.

You have visited 35 countries in 2 years. What was the reason you traveled so many countries?

After quiting football, I studied business administration and lived in Malta for 3 months to improve my English, which is much needed in the field of trade. Having been to 35 countries within 2 years, I made commercial connections and attended many international fairs, forums and conferences abroad in the meantime. Within those 2 years, while I went abroad every 2 weeks working on a tight schedule, I also took my guitar with me and kept composing in my long journeys.

Guide us a little bit. If we asked to prepare a pleasant and economical holiday plan for us as someone who has traveled so many countries, how would you draw us a route?

I would recommend you to see the pyramids that are the only surviving of the 7 wonders of the world. if you are a good traveler Barcelona could be your first choice in Europe. It is a city like no other. Rome and Viana are good choices for history lovers in Europe. Singapore is a country that I should recommend as someone who loves green and nature, despite the technology and mega skyscrapers.

Which countries affect you the most? Why is that?

The reason why India comes to the head of the countries that affected me the most is that it really makes you feel in another world, the flow of life in the country, you can see the highest point of wealth and the bottom of poverty together and every person is different from each other.

Do you like the sea and going on a cruise?

I am in love with the sea, in short I am a sea-lover person. The sea calls me an eternity of freedom and peace. I took small boat tours in Cairo on the Nile, Malta and Dubai. But it was not a cruise trip. Cruise trip is one of the things I want to do soon.

Which would it be if you wanted to live in another country other than Turkey?

This country would be Spain, because I am a fan of Barcelona, ​​the reason is that I find it close to Turkish culture and a community of people who know how to have fun. The city layout, the abundance of facilities and the people are very friendly, and one of the reasons I love the Spanish language.

Which feelings voyage thought awakes in you?

Excitement and curiosity. It excites me to experience different sensations and to be a guest to different worlds.

Could you please share the most interesting memory, experience about your travels to foreign countries?

On a business trip after the war in Libya, I had to hide in my customer’s car. Because after the war, there were many gangs patrolling the city and since I’m blonde, I was drawing lots of attention. My customer immediately told me to hide my head and not to show up. I was a bit scared as well while the gangs’ vehicles were passing by.

What do you think these songs have in common? Why are these songs so loved?
Which is the most special song for you?

Their common points have a place in my life, they have occurred on the things that I have lived and witnessed, all of which have been written from my heart. Gece Kondu has a special place in me, in fact, my intensity of emotion in it is in a different dimension.

What are your next projects?I want to continue producing and writing new songs. I will be releasing my new single in January. I plan to make a song in different languages especially in Arabic and to make projects with beloved singers of the Arab world.