A whole new adventure is awaiting you, while you are packing up your luggage for a world of music, literature, elitism and monarchy reinforced by democracy. Your journey will most probably begin at the airport or will be accompanied by a cruise tour. In any case, you will need to abide by some rules.

First of all, you can be sure that there are things you must know.
• Great Britain, England and United Kingdom are usually used interchangeably but they are not actually synonyms.

• People in Great Britain speak English but with a poetic accent: Think of legendary romantic Hugh Grant.
• Great Britain is a semi-democratic country with a representative Queen and influential Parliament.

• Their official currency is Pound/Sterling.
• You need to obtain a separate visa for Great Britain, because Schengen is not accepted.
• For example, if you will make transit travel to other countries, you should apply for a transit visa.
• Great Britain can surprise you with sudden rain falls. Do not forget to take your rain coat with you and put an umbrella on your bag.

Visa Procedures

Visa procedures for United Kingdom is almost similar to Schengen procedures.
-You should have a passport which is valid for 6 months more.

-Documents requested may vary based on visa type. Still, photocopy of IDs, 2 biometrical photos, application form, reservation documents for your flights or accommodation are basic for all. For other documents, follow the instructions given by the visa office based on your visa type.

– British Consulate/Embassy is the authority to carry out your visa operations. There are some authorized travel agents where you can carry out your visa procedures as well. – If you are lucky, your visa will be ready in 3-12 weeks.