Barbaros continues to be a guest of our homes with world-famous names in his recent Instagram live broadcasts.  The artist, who comes together with world-famous names from many parts of the world, from India to South Africa, from England to Serbia, from Canada to Spain, from Greece to Germany, gives the audience unforgettable moments and enjoyable moments.

In addition to the songs he sings in French, English, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and Russian, he also puts his signature on duets with his guests, from pop to jazz, from opera to world music.

Barbaros, who is loved by music lovers with its strong voice, wide repertoire and successful stage performances, reinterpreted the “Derbeder”, one of the unforgettable songs of the 90s.

We talked with Barbaros about his new projects, the backstage of his publications with world-famous names and his passion for travel.

Which country do you feel most close to?

After my own country, I think it is Italy. The fact that the opera is a cradle attracts me with its cuisine and warm people. With is location as a Mediterranean country, its geography, history and cultural and artistic life, it is among the countries that attract me the most.

What was the most memorable moment for you when you travel to foreign countries?

I am especially interested in the historical beauties of every country I visit. The most memorable moments in my travels are to see the structures that have made their place in the history of that country, meet their cuisine and get lost in the city.

What are the feelings arose by the idea of “Journey”?

I think the sense of discovery… Traveling has always attracted my curiosity. “Journey” arouses inspirational feelings to meet new people, meet different cultures and music, and most importantly, continue to create my music.

Which country would you like to travel to the most?

I have traveled to many parts of the world, but I haven’t made a cruiset travel yet. I want to do it at the first opportunity. I would probably start with a nice Mediterranean tour.

Which style in music expresses you the best?

These lands are very rich in musical sense. I have received opera singing training. Over the years, I have been singing songs from pop music to jazz in many styles and languages. There is a different spirit and feeling in each of them. Since my childhood, I grew up listening to songsfrom Baris Manco, Tanju Okan, Cem Karaca, Sezen Aksu from Turkey as well as Dario Moreno, Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, Adriano Celentano, Charles Aznavour, Dalida, and Mina songs from abroad. I still sing them on the stage with pleasure. Each style has its own characteristics, if you have set your style knowledge and your voice is suitable for style changes, the transitions between different styles are very enjoyable for a singer.

During the pandemic process, you did not stop meeting with your audience, albeit digitally. How is this process going for you?

We actually completed all our preparations before the pandemic process. We also shot the clip. During the period when we were closed in the houses during the corona process, I did not want to suspend my music and cut off communication with my audience. We did not want to keep Derbeder waiting any longer. I think the most important thing we can share with people right now is music. On the eve of broadcasting the song, the CEO of Pasion Turca, Sinan Ufuk Nergis, suggested me to bring me together with the world-famous names he worked on in Instagram publications. These collaborations have been very good for music lovers, me and all of us, especially  during these days when we all need some motivation. We presented the song Derbeder to your liking in the first week of May.

You came together with Dulce Pontes, The Weather Girls, Viktor Lazlo and many other world-famous names on Instagram. How does it feel to take part in a joint project with these names?

Spectacular. Each of them are international names who have done very important works worldwide. We have made an amazing world tour so far. I wish to continue as well. We sang the most special songs in the career of that country and artist together, and sometimes we performed a duet together in Turkish songs. The interest of the audience have made us all very happy. So far, We came together with Cecilia Krull, who gave life to the generic song “My Life is Going On” from La Casa De Papel from Spain,Dynelle Rhodes from The Weather Girls from Germany, who made unforgettable disco hits of the 80s such as “It ‘s Raining Men”, “Hit The Road Jack”, “I Am So Excited”, the gorgeous icon from fashion icon Viktor Lazlo from France, who has been one of the most famous singers in Europe since the 80s, amazing voice, soprano Pumeza Matshikiza from Johannesburg, South Africa, rising star of the Balkans Lena Kovacevic from Belgrade, Marcella Puppini of The Puppini Sisters from London, who interprets the harmony vocal pop of the 30s and 40s with today’s insight, the superstar of Canada IMA,the voice of Bollywood songs spreading from India to the world Arunaja, Stan Antipariotis from Greece and finally the diva of Fado- Dulce Pontes, the gift of Portugal to the world. Soon, we will continue to meet other very special names.

Let’s come to your last single work. Why did you choose Derbeder as a cover song after many years?

I have been following Soner Arıca and listening to Derbeder with pleasure since the early 90s. I even acted as vocal to Soner Arıca for a short time on the stage. I think the song is a timeless song that is omnitemporal. The touch of Batu Çaldıran brought a new breath to the song. When you feel the story and feeling of the song, you protect its soul as well The clip was shot by Murad Küçük. I hope the audience will enjoy my interpretation too.

What kind of changes do you expect in the music industry?

Digitalization has started to show its strength in every aspect of our lives. This applies for music as well. Of course, digital projects will continue to be in our lives and gain weight. Personally, I think it is important for me. Especially during this pandemic process, it was valuable in that it was a medium that allowed us to meet our audience. But as a musician in the long term, I can say that it is very difficult to replace the concerts we performed with our audience. We are trying to keep up with the new age like everyone else.

Are there any new projects after Derbeder?

If the conditions allow, we plan to release a Barış Manço song that has a very special place in my life within two months after Derbeder. “Evelallah” will meet my audience soon because it reminds of a special memory from my life. I’m going to release a foreign song in the summer, so let it remain a surprise for now. We talk about creative projects for the stage, both digitally and after this period.