Amazing cruise adventure sets sail to a mesmerizing adventure on each destination. This being the case each one writes their own story. Priorities vary as hot sands and a turquoise sea for some, while mysterios routes for others. For some others, this adventure is hiddent under the musical harmony of the familiar and the foreign.

Baltic Sea with Costa Magica we have attended as the invitee of Costa Cruises was such an adventure. Italian cruise liner Costa Cruises represented by Orange Cruise in Turkey is one of the oldest of the sector. This being the case, this tour is cut out for visiting the Baltic Capitals deemed with history.

Having a bustling attendance from Turkey, our tour with Costa Cruises begins from İstanbul New Airport. We would like to note for those who have not used the new airport yet that it is adorned with a unique harmony of history and modern thanks to its architecture. What’s more, the colorful shops have added to this harmony as well. Extra check-in and customs contours which are newly opened allow you to enter and exit the country without waiting in the long gueues. Since it is far away the city, we have prefered Havaist. Paying only 25 tl or using your akbil, you can reach to the airport without trouble.

Day 1

Our adventure to which we have registered in İstanbul Airport as a Turkish group of 42 people begins in Sweden, Stockholm. Arriving the city we directly get on our bus and head to the ship. After embarking on the ship we are so hungry that we go to the dinner without loosing time. Today we have prefered Bellagio Restaurant offering various tastes such as delicious cheeses, vegetarian, goutmet, Italian and alike. And then we head to explore the ship, and see what? A lively party has opened its doors to dance-lovers in the lobby. The animator approaches and reminds us that an awesome music and dance show is awaiting us to begin soon at the theatre.

Day 2

Today when we open our eyes small islets with an enchanting beauty greeting us from our cabin whisper we have already set off. Seagulls floating on air trying to catch the bread thrown by the cruise passengers join to this sincere conversation as well. Today when we will be sailing all day long we make our first meeting as a group and check out shore excursions we will join accopanied by Turkish guides for 7-day-tour. Now it is already time to enjoy the pool, whirlpool bath and sun on the upper deck. Sun warms us inside with a lovely touch, and it is already coffee time… Sipping our coffee we check our evening program. Dance of lieutenants at the theatre, The Voice of the Seas Costa Magica at Capri Lounge… Of course our favorite is the White Night at Atrium beginning later in the evening. While we are curious what this white night is, we arealize this night sun has no intention of saying goodbye!

Day 3

After never sinking sun, it is time to set off to Helsinki, Finland. We begin our colorful excursion in Porvoo, the old capital of Finland. This place is enchanting us with colorful houses laying all along the river and streets which has succeeded to maintain its beauty. We do not forget to taste the delicious chocolates either. Afterwards, we call for a little history and visit Porvoo Cathedral. Parliament Building built in neo-classical style, Museum of Modern Arts and Temppeliaukio Rock Church are our next destinations. Sibelius Monument made of wellded steel with 600 pipes are also among our destinations to visit. Now we are so hungry that we get lost to the undefinable taste of delicious salmon our guide offers accompanied by lobster. As a final shot, we are in Helsinki Cathedral which has a simple design as a symbol of a brighter and libertarian structure against Catholic mentality. Back on the ship, we loose ourselves in city view sipping our coffee in the balcony.


Day 4

We are in St. Petersbourg settled on swamp area of 42 islands surrounded by about 80 channels and rivers. In this city which has a frequent precipitation, weather conditions are so variable and to our luck sun never shows itself for 2 days. Since the state only allows its own citizens the authority to guide, we have a Turkish-speaking Russian guide to accompany us in our panoramic tour followed by leisure time to stroll around the city and try local tastes. By the way no monetary unit is used here other than Russion Ruble and if you have any problems with your card do not expect warm Mediterranean people to come to help. The only name we hear all day long is Peter the Great. Called as Mad Peter only by Turkish people according to the Russian, Peter the Great likes to pull tooth; puts iron roasted chickpeas in the meals and thus finds decayed tooth to full them. In the later part of the tour we visit Hermitage Museum. Here as well, we go on listening to the love story of Peter the Great and Catarina. The mustached and bearded portrait of Polish Marta who is known as Catherine I and related to Baltacı Mehmet Pasha in the biggest rumors of history astonishes us. The fact that Catherine I who made those seeing her to fall in love at first sight has become Russian Czaritza after 10 marriages is especially worthy of commendation. St. Paul Castle built against Swedish army but never saw war, St. Isaac’s Cathedral which is one of the most iconic temples in the world, and Kazan Cathedral are among the places worthy of seeing. After you rest in the ship, you can sip your drinks and watch the city along the Neva River in the evening.

Day 5

Today our ship will be anchored on the port all day long. Those who wish continue St. Petersburg tour but we prefer to stay on board. All this trip, it has been rainy and cold. However, a nice and warm whirlpool bath greets us blowing steams. While we relax in the whirlpool bath sipping our drink we both rest and talk about the dance course we will attend before the Carnival Party which will be held at the Atrium in the evening. Apparently, our tour is ready to give incessant fun for all ages and tastes this night as well. The cheerful conversation accompanied by live music with Duo Fiesta gives way to Duo Atmospherea. In the meantime, while the songs and the circus is enchanting the audience at the Theatre, elections of Mr. Cruise are ongoing in another hall. Those who say the night is young continue to enjoy in the Italian Night at Grand Bar. Do not forget, today’s dress code is green, white, and red. What’s more you can have your photo taken with the captain. What about us? We escape to our room soon to enjoy the view and relax in the comfort of our cabin.

Day 6

Homecoming initiated but the journey has not ended. Today we are in Talinn, the capital of Estonia. This place has already warmed us with its sincere people, lush green nature and fresh air. The old city has a gothic architecture and protected by UNECO. It was elected the cultural capital of Europe in 2011. After the panoramic tour we visit the Kadriorg (Catherine’s) Valley. In the garden where you can find 40 species of roses, there are 10 museums, a concert hall, Presidential Office, Baroque style Kadriorg Palace. Afterwards, we visit the biggest choir area of the world hosting the statue of Gustav Ernesaks, the famous choir chef. Mary’s Cathedral- one of the first churches of Estonia, the first pharmacy of Europe which was founded in 1422, Freedom Square, old Parliament Building are also among the places to see. By the way, the Ministerial Buildings are also included in our tour, so much that just while we are passing by, the prime Minister goes out smiling at the crown protesting him, gets on his car and drives away. If you ask about the cuisine, do not return home without visiting middle age restaurant Holde Hanza and try mushroom soup. If you want you can also try bear or deer meat in this restaurant where no electricity is used and you will feel the spirit of middle age.

Day 7

Final destination of our tour is Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. This city called as the Venice of the North is a capital surrounded by 27.000 islands. It has such a soothing atmosphere that you can climb up the Flangata Hill and take a panoramic shot. We prefer to take several shots in the garden of the City Hall and watch the beauty of both the building and the city. And then we have turned our wheel to Vasa Museum. The Vasa ship which lays its majestic body at full length and greets the visitors with all its glory was built in 1628 as a symbol of the power of navy but sank on its first voyage. Vasa was taken out of the sea 333 years later and began to be exhibited in the museum. As no bacteria can live to cause decay thanks to the clayey formation of the Baltic Sea, the ship survived to that day without any deformation.

Meanwhile, you can also pass from island to island, walk along the river, enjoy the exploration of the city by strolling around the streets. Furthermore do not forget to taste famous Swedish meatball, and most probably the most unforgettable waffle you will taste in your lifetime.

We come to a dreamlike journey in which we come to know nice people, embrace colorful cities, eat, laugh, and learn a lot. We head to home saying goodbye to our Steward Joseph who has left us interesting figures from the clothes on the bed after getting his tip, our tour group who have fascinated us with their colorful personalities, seagulls accompanying us during our chat in the balcony.

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