Crimson Sands
Unlimited adventure, never-ending fun in soft sands in the Arabian desserts with velvety sands…  What about dessert sandboarding on crimson sands and beating the sand hills? You can also crown your dessert safari with 4×4 jeeps with the harmony of crimson sands at night.

Camel Safari
When we speak of Arabian culture, camels are among the symbols that comes to mind. Therefore, camel safari is one of the first activities that comes to mind of everyone who goes on United Arab Emirates tour. You can get on the camel and take a ride; get to know the majestic master of the dessert. What’s more, following all these adventures, the pleasure of barbecue at the dessert will add a new delight to your unique journey.

Sunset on the Dessert
Day is not ending at this point. The day and night is another delight at the dessert. Following a dynamic day, the sun gets ready to hide behind the sand hills. Well do you think there is anything like watching the sunset on the dessert? Definitely not. What are you waiting for to crown maybe the most amazing moment of the day by taking a photo?