A special interview with the legendary name of Portuguese music, ANTÓNIO ZAMBUJO!
António Zambujo, one of the most successful voices of Portuguese music will meet Istanbulite musiclovers. We have talked to António Zambujo who was born in Beja in Alentejo region which entered UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in 2014 with its music heritage about music and travel.

How did your music adventure start?
Antonio Zambujo: I was very interested in traditional music from my region, and I started to learn and to perform at very early age. Those days were very interesting to me, and very important as well. When I was very young I had every instrument in my family house, I played, like harmonic, flutes, piano, then I started with the clarinet in the conservatory, I still play, bought one to have at home, and I have piano, harmonics and guitars, and one bass. I like to play all of them.

How was that very fi rst crush with Fado?

Antonio Zambujo: I fell in love with Fado records that my family had. Mostly the classics. Amália, Marceneiro, Maria Teresa de Noronha, Max, Tony de Matos, and was while listening to those records that I started to try different things with my voice. Explore different moves, and listening other instruments like the Portuguese guitar.

You’re interpreting Fado in a much more  contemporary and unique way. You’re melting Brazilian rhythms and Bulgarian melodies in your songs as well as keeping the sound of traditional Portuguese music. How do you
defi ne your music?
Antonio Zambujo: I don’t know how to define my music. It’s mostly the result of everything that I listen and then they become a big influence. Like Brazilian songs, jazz, some ethnic music, from Portugal and Africa, and I don’t know what to say more about this…

Let’s talk about a little bit about your latest recording Do Avesso. How do you explain the style and sound of the album?
Antonio Zambujo: Do Avesso is an album very different from the other ones because I chose 3 producers and we tried to do with the same base, the same influences, a different kind of music. I am very happy with the result, we had a lot of ideas at the beginning, I recorded for the first time with a classical orchestra, and it was a great feeling to do it.

You’re touring to various countries and giving  concerts. Which country and music mesmerize you the most?
Antonio Zambujo: Brazil. It’s the most amazing place. But I love to tour, and to show our music to different audiences.

Which feelings voyage thought awakes in you?

Antonio Zambujo: I travel a lot to do concerts, so when I have time I prefer to stay at home. So, voyage means work to me.

Do you have any impressions about Turkey and any messages for Turkish audience?
Antonio Zambujo: People and my friends that have been there say that Istanbul is a beautiful city, and many of them says that it reminds a lot of Lisbon. I can tell you my own ideas in detail after I come and see.